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Fruzsina Valentinyi,
owner – Valoryz

“The Skillcom team is a group of professionals who support our company’s presence with creative ideas and communication at a very high level. Their work is much more than a one-time business relationship, they are part of the Valoryz group.”

Veronika Pistyur,
CEO – Bridge Budapest

“They are always to the point. They are agile, effective and looking for a win-win solution. They transfer knowledge while building relationships, strengthening and developing a community. On top of all that, they do this in a way that fills your heart with good feelings.”

Edina Németh,
founder – Edinas Paper

“They helped me to figure out how to position Edinas Paper, and thanks to the team I got plenty of inspiration for the next steps. I enjoyed thinking together and our dialogues the most, as well as the process of going back to the basics and redefining the brand.”

Dávid Szuchacsev,
Chief of Staff to the Chancellor – MOME Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem

“The Skillcom team played a significant role in the creation of the canteen and cafe of the MOME Campus. They helped us to find the right operating partner after defining the university’s canteen tender very thoroughly. During the work we could count on the team’s knowledge and network in the field of hospitality, which was perfectly complemented by their communication and branding expertise.”

Richárd Farkas,
head chef – Pajta

“The Piqnix x Mastercard campaign was like a Gastronomy Champions League, featuring the best and most creative players of the field. But instead of a competition it has become a collaborative, supportive, friendly and exemplary community with whom it is cool to be with!”

Bence Bogár,
experience designer – Holisztik Design

“I love your working method and I love your results. It feels good when I think of your team, so I am always looking for the opportunity to collaborate.”


Project: CSR campaign for the Hungarian gastronomy sector
Scope: creative strategy planning, campaign management,
content creation (video, photo, copy), web development.


Project: Valoryz and Ricely product development, communication and packaging
Scope: branding, webshop development, packaging design, communication

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Project: preparing the university’s canteen tender (operational and gastro concept development)
Scope: gastro concept development, supervision of the tendering process

Edinas Paper

Project: rebranding
Scope: concept development, brand design


Project: restaurant’s gastro concept development and branding
Scope: concept development, brand design, online communication

Marcali Hát

Project: restaurant rebranding and repositioning
Scope: concept development, brand design


Project: Ricely rice-based product development
Scope: branding, package design, content development

Steak Sense

Project: creating an online communication strategy for a street food restaurant
Scope: social media strategy, content creation


Project: short CSR video campaign
Scope: video concept and production

ITM – Ministry of Innovation and Technology

Project: short video content creation
Scope: video concept and production

Icon Buda

Project: creating an online communication strategy for a fine dining restaurant
Feladatok: social media strategy and management


Project: a bar’s concept development and communication
Scope: interior design, concept, social media strategy and management


Project: training with László Nótár master chef
Feladatok: event planning, event venue