Designing solutions for your business and communications.

We are committed and passionate about gastronomy, F&B and related industries. We feed your business with creativity and thoughtful design.

We are always happy to connect and build value-based collaborations. We work and design in a well-defined area: gastro businesses, FMCG products and services, agricultural companies and progressive brands.

Our Services.

Concept Development

Every project is based on a well defined concept. We start every project by answering the questions: why, how and what. We work with experts from diverse fields from scratch.

Business Development

A business needs to improve, refresh and adapt on a regular basis. We help you find your way through and take the right steps.

Brand Design

Building a brand is one of the most exciting but also the most critical part of the job. Without well-founded guiding principles, well-defined business and communication aspects there is no success.

Service Development

Optimizing our services, products, customer experiences and all other components is crucial for long term success and efficiency. Time and energy invested into this always pays off.

Content Creation

Business as usual content is not enough. With authentic and sustainable communication we set an example for everyone. We find the right format, tone and technology.

Digital Marketing

The digital world is complex and challenging. Getting the right message to the right people is a constant challenge. We guide you through all channels with the latest tools for a human-centered approach.


Customer Experience

Customers are the heart of what we do. Designing tailored customer experience is essential, we have to create an environment for the best use of products and services.

Interior Design

We create spaces with a complex vision based on the brand, the product and the human.

Our Latest Projects.


Project: CSR campaign for the Hungarian gastronomy sector
Scope: creative strategy planning, campaign management, content creation (video, photo, copy), web development.

Moholy-Nagy University
of Art and Design

Project: reparing the university’s canteen tender (operational and gastro concept development)
Scope: gastro concept development, supervision of the tendering process


Project: Valoryz és Ricely mezőgazdasági termékfejlesztés, nagyvállalati kommunikáció, termékcsomagolás
Scope: branding, webshop development, packaging design, communication


Project: Ricely brand video
Scope: concept and production of product showcase video