We are.

Our connections, our encounters, our conversations, our common aspiration and development that defines us. We are inspired by each other’s expertise and respect each other’s knowledge.

We work with a complex approach that connects disciplines. We see knowledge as a resource that grows as we share it with others.

Kata Bánhalmi

Founder / business development


Gábor Losits

Founder / concept and strategy


Lili Pammer-Zagroczky

Project management

Kata Szabó

Digital content

Tamás Boldizsár


Gergő Sepsi



Time is a mutual value.

That’s how we think about the time with you too, regardless if it is the beginning of a joint project or just a good experience. Dare to start a conversation. Let’s talk!

We give feedback.

We have a working culture with open and honest communication. Accepting constructive feedback can be challenging, but there is no growth without it. Be open!

We connect.

Directness, simplicity, professionalism and maximalism are key components of our working environment. We invite you to this community by working together.

We are partners.

All of our clients become part of the team. We control the process, but co-creation is always a team work.